Object X.

Guess the Invisible Object .

The goal of the game is to guess which one of the models inside the cubes is similar to the model in the centre of the screen.

After pressing Play the game starts and several random 3D-models come up rotating inside the cubes. Swipe left or right to move them. In the centre of the screen, there is a copy of one of these models, invisible and enlarged. To rotate it, move your finger along the screen. The coloured arrows attached to the model help you figure out its position in space.

You can’t see the model in the centre, but you can touch and mark it with a cyan ball. Tapping randomly within the centre of the screen will make the model overgrow with markers.

Press the cube with a model if you think it’s the one. Each successful hit makes the game more complicated. There are less marker balls and the game is passed to the end when the last model is guessed using just one ball.

● Train your visual spatial skills .

● Game to Improve your memory .

● 3D Motion Puzzle .

● More than 300 3D models .

● Unusual gameplay .

● Made with SceneKit - native Apple 3D engine .